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High 5, Food Models For General Audiences Comparison Cards, National Dairy Council . Int. High 3, Multicultural Food Pictures, Dairy Council of California . ethnic foods, to use in nutrition education materials, presentations, web pages, newsletters, or books. . Int. Low 2, Food models kits in serving sizes, NCES .

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    Child Nutrition Program List - Florida Department of Health
    Everybody Bakes Bread by Norah Dooley (1991) Carolrhoda Books Inc. Everybody . Food Models Teacher/Learning Guide National Dairy Council. Healthy .

    Make Your Own Food Model Cards | United Way of Massachusetts ...
    Dec 10, 2010 . National Dairy Council Food Model Cards: . the food is from, and the set comes with a booklet containing additional information and activities.

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    Models and Replicas in the NAL Collection | Food and Nutrition ...
    Food Models for Children . Rosemont, IL : National Dairy Council, 2005. . Each model contains a picture of the food, its name, and the size of a single serving on one . (27 plastic models, 5 plastic tumblers, 1 booklet, 1 brochure, 1 sheet, .

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    Food Photos, Educational Materials Center OR Food Models, National Dairy. Council (Suggestion). • Book: Food Alphabet, by David Drew (Extension Activity) .

    Project Fit America :: PROGRAM SUMMARY
    The total funding required to sponsor a pilot and model school program is $17,800. . Created by the National Dairy Council features photographs of food with . This book has also been approved by the Science Committee of the Alliance for a .

    CoNNECTIoN - National Food Service Management Institute
    To stay healthy, our bodies need foods from different food groups every day. ? MyPyramid . Food Models from the National Dairy Council are cardboard color photographs of actual portion sizes of 200 . Children: ? Active Books to Read .

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    The optional Fuel-up Food Prep activity features Energy. Boosting Trail Mix . National Dairy Council paperboard food models, free by request free by request from your local SUDIA . book at for ideas on .

    Combination Foods and Foods to Limit - Educational Materials Center
    Categorize “Food Photos” or Food Models as nutritious foods or foods that should be limited. Activity . Curriculum: “Little D's Nutrition Adventures,” National Dairy Council. (Extension Activity) . the online book “Fruit and Vegetables Galore: .

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